Welcome to the New Blog!

Thanks to Melanie of Melanie Skaggs Photography for assisting me with this image of my family!


I’m so pleased to be able to write my first post on the NEW and IMPROVED blog!! It’s been a long time coming (definitely a change that was very much needed)! You will probably notice a difference in formatting on all posts prior to this one because they were migrated from my old blog. Sure, I could have just scrapped these old posts, but I felt inexplicably attached to them (though I stopped being diligent about posting long ago). Maybe it’s just that there were postings about my babies, other family, and close friends there…or, perhaps I just like to look back in a chronological fashion and keep tabs on how my work has changed (and, with any luck, improved). Whatever the reason, the early posts have been preserved here for you to read. Having said that, I am excited to start fresh now and begin a new chapter in blogging…one where I post more often than every couple of months (or YEARS) and one with larger, more vibrant images which will (hopefully) inspire you and make your time spent here, more enjoyable.

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