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Tay and Max ~

Mommy is so very sorry for having to drag you out into the freezing, winter weather to have your pictures taken. For your session (we’ll just call it the “frozen kids” shoot), I was forced to choose one of the last dry days available before vacation began…unfortunately, dry weather meant super cold temperatures.:-(Under the circumstances, you both did exceptionally well! You managed to stay composed and focus on the task-at-hand even though you were shivering your tushies off. You two were awesome!

Because it was so cold, though, I didn’t take quite as many shots of you as I normally would have during a session. This, in turn, yielded fewer shots that I considered to be “keepers”. So, I just wanted you to know that we will be having “re-takes” very soon, where Mama can devote much more time to each one of you, and will also allow you to dress for more comfortable weather (so, Maxey, you can finally wear one of your “cool” shirts instead of a sweatshirt!).;-)

I’m posting a few images from our “frozen kids” shoot that I WAS happy with, here…but I’m definitely looking forward to trying again for some new, amazing shots of each of you! Love you both so much!


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Dennis - February 6, 2011 - 11:47 am

Oh wow! Talk about beautiful and handsome grandkids—these are fabulous! Tay is so beautiful and Max is as cool as can be. I guess I’m a little biased but it’s still true! Outstanding work on these Kimi!

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