Meet Kim

Get to know your photographer…


What my friends call me:

Most people call me Kim or Kimi.

I originally grew up in:

The Pacific NW, baby! I was born in Tacoma, Washington, on the McChord Air Force Base. My parents moved to Oregon when I was three months old, and I’ve been here ever since. Can’t think of ANY place I’d rather live!

My passion for photography started when:

Well, my passion for pictures started when I was really little. I have always LOVED looking through photo albums at precious memories…I didn’t realize I wanted to be the one to capture those memories for others until I had my own kids. I got my first DSLR when my last little one was born and I haven’t stopped learning and experimenting since!

This best describes my photography style:

I am definitely a “feeling” photographer. The way I shoot, what I shoot, how I edit, and the way an image inevitably turns out is all based on how I feel, or how I want someone to feel when looking at that image.  My style has been described by others as…expressive, authentic, clean, natural, genuine, fresh…I’d like to think it’s all of that with a little bit of romantic, vintage flair thrown in the mix.

I describe my personality as a little:

Fun…yet, cautious and protective! I wish I could be the person who encourages others to skydive but, really…I am the person who is giving speeches about what could happen if you actually did. LOL!

This is what I think makes a great photographer:

1.)     Someone who loves what they do. It’s always more fun to have your picture taken by someone who is enjoying the time you’re spending together, right? You know the old adage…”Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I just think that should show in the work your photographer does.

2.)    Someone who cares about the details. I want my client’s experience with me to be memorable and fun. I want them to be glad they chose me to capture their memories! That’s why I’m more than willing to spend whatever time is necessary to make sure special attention is paid to all of my images. I’m certainly not the fastest image editor out there…but you can be sure that, if I’m doing them, I didn’t just “shoot and burn” the photos (a term we use in the industry for someone who shoots photos and then burns them, straight out of the camera, onto a disk). You can be assured that I’ve gone through each and every one of the images I have shot–picked out the best of the bunch–and gone through a rigorous editing/creative process for each of them. I love what I do…and I always want my finished products to reflect that.

I am most passionate about:

My family for sure! I am happily (oh, so happily) married to my high school sweetheart, and we have four amazing, beautiful children (two girls and two boys). They are the LOVES of my life! I am additionally blessed to have amazing parents, an awesome brother, and the most wonderful friends (who are like family) that anyone could ask for! Coming up a respectable close second, is my passion for photography!

I am best known for my:

Well…in my personal life…I hope that people would say I’m best known for the love and devotion I have for my family and friends. I would truly do anything for them!  In business…I would like to think that my creativity, passion, and attention to detail makes me a little different from the rest!

It would be impossible for me to give up:

My 5D Mark III, my 70-200 mm lens, 50 mm lens, or DESSERTS!!!

I want my clients to walk away feeling:

…like they’ve had a blast making a great memory! I want them to have a photo session they will remember, fondly, forever! And, if it brings a smile to their faces, when they finally get to see the images we created together, I’ll know I’ve done right by them.

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