Things you may be wondering about…

The following are a few questions and answers to help you understand my process and what you can expect for our session.

What should I wear?

You don’t need to match your family with the exact color or clothing to create a beautiful image (though this technique can be fun to photograph). Using a similar color palette works well too. Here is a link to a color wheel and design tool you can use to help choose colors if you’re having trouble deciding what you like…http://www.colorschemedesigner.com. Some people like to think of planning their clothing in the same way they would think of decorating a room. Most importantly, dress in something that makes you feel comfortable!

Can you cover up blemishes and scars?

Editing and making clients feel beautiful is something I take great pride in.  This type of correcting is possible in most situations, and it is something that is always included with all of my sessions.  I keep in mind, however, that my clients are not perfect (as are no humans) and therefore, I try not to over-edit either.

Do I really need to sign a contract?

A contract is very important for both of us. This provides you a secured date and time as well as a good understanding of what the session expectations are and what the client/photographer relationship is.

Can I book my session but pay the session fee later?

No. I require full payment of the session fees for all of my standard portrait and family sessions, and a 50% reservation fee for all newborn sessions, senior sessions, and weddings, in order to reserve a date. For newborn sessions, senior sessions, and weddings, the balance of your collection is due two weeks prior to the date of your session. ALL SESSION FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. I would also ask that you PLEASE sign the portrait contract, online, prior to the session, or you must bring a printed and signed copy of it with you when we meet. I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TAKE YOUR PICTURES WITHOUT THE SIGNED CONTRACT.  Thanks for your cooperation!!

Do you suggest I use a local printing company such as Walgreens?

Though local printers are great for printing your personal photos, I do not recommend doing this on a professional level.  Photos from these types of printers do not match color or quality as those of a professional printing company.  Your prints and products from our session should be the highest quality possible. Prints of your session are available for purchase through me after you’ve had time to view your images in your online gallery.

How long will it take to get a preview of my images?

A 2-3 image preview of your session will be available via Facebook and/or my blog, usually within a day or two after your session. The rest of your images are usually ready for you to preview in your online gallery within two to four weeks of your session date.

Can I bring people with me for support?

Having a support system is always a great thing. However, in photo sessions, it can be a bit distracting. To get the most natural reaction from a client during a shoot, we like to keep friends and family at a bit of a distance (unless they are IN the photos, of course).  You may bring someone along, but I may ask that they fall behind a few yards while we shoot and chat.

Will you provide me unedited images?

It is my policy that absolutely no unedited images will be given to clients for any reason. Your gallery will include photos that I have chosen as the “golden ones”. Those will be edited and available, but no other images (including unedited or raw files) will be provided.

I heard your camera clicking hundreds of photos, will I get every one of them?

Unfortunately, no.  I take multiple photos to ensure I don’t miss the shot due to a client blinking, someone passing by in the distance, etc. I also like to frame a shot in various ways and then have the ability to choose the one that was taken at the perfect vantage point later on.  For this reason, I only choose the “best of the best” to edit and put in your gallery.

Should I expect to receive a photo from every pose we did?

No. Sometimes a pose does not work out the way I intended it to and, therefore, not all poses will be provided. It is my job to provide high quality images rather than providing quantity.

Can I use my own editing programs to make my images fun?

Altering images in any way is strictly prohibited!  Also, if you are using your images on any social networking sites, my watermark (on every image given to you) is mandatory and must be visible.  No cropping please. I truly appreciate your cooperation in helping me keep my work safe from copyright infringement. Thank you!

What if it rains?

As you know, living in the Pacific NW, we occasionally have unsavory weather that forces us to require a Plan B.  If the weather is questionable on the day of your session (or any other unforeseen circumstance pops up) we will discuss a secondary location or, possibly, rescheduling the session for another date.

If I want to reschedule, do I need to let you know in advance?

If you need to reschedule your session, please provide 48-hour notice. Canceling your session without 48 hours notice may result in forfeiture of your session fees. Thanks!

I changed my mind, can I get my money back?

Unfortunately, no…session fees and reservation fees are non-refundable.

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