Family Double Whammy Day!

Oh, it was a beautiful day for two family shoots! Couldn’t have asked for better, really. After LOTS of rain earlier that week (and a reschedule), we were able to coordinate all of our schedules and capture some beautiful memories for these two families!

Family #1 is a family that I’ve been waiting to photograph for a while now. I’ve known the mama of this family for many years and was so thrilled to be able to finally meet her other half and her little girl for the first time. I had the privilege of photographing Colton (the little man in the overalls) a few months back, so it was great to see him again as well…only this time we were shooting some pics for his 1-year birthday as well as the family ones! We had lots of fun, and I think we were able to capture some pretty adorable memories for this sweet family!

Click on the image below to start the slideshow!


Family #2 was a blast to photograph as well! They weren’t afraid to have fun together or try different things and that always makes for a good time. The youngest son here is best buds with my boys, and spends a lot of time us…so he’s kind of like an honorary member of my own family!

Click on the image below to start the slideshow!

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