colby and dylan


I should begin this post with an apology to my dear friend, Theresa. I normally have a blog image preview available for clients within 2-3 days after a session. This time, however, it was not meant to be. I had both hardware and software issues that kept me from processing any pictures for about a week and half. So sorry, girl…hope that you’ll end up finding something you like that will have made it worth the wait.:-)On a positive note, though, despite my technical difficulties, I am happy to still be able to say that all of Theresa’s proofs are now ready “on time” (two weeks, to the day, after the session with her adorable boys) for her to view.


It was a truly beautiful, Fall morning when I had the chance to meet up with Theresa, Colby, and Dylan. We don’t get to see each other very often (because we live so far apart), so this photo shoot was an extra special one for me. 

It was not only time to get pictures of the boys, but also time to do some much-needed catching up! Colby and Dylan are just too cute for words, and I had such a good time with all of them!

One of the highlights of our time together, for me, was to see what a wonderful mommy Theresa has become, and to see how much those boys adore her! It was truly a joy to see how happy she is in this role that was obviously meant for her. I hope to do many more sessions with them in the future…love you guys! Let’s not wait so long to get together in the future, k?  ;-)

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kim - December 7, 2010 - 2:34 am

T~ Girl, you brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for your compliment…it means the world to me that you’re happy with your pictures. Your boys are too cute for words and I had a wonderful time with all of you…next time maybe we can get those family shots you wanted!

Theresa - December 2, 2010 - 9:15 pm

I agree with your papa! Not only are they exceptional pictures, but the first and only professional ones where the essence of my children, particularly Colby, is captured. Typically, he has a fake smile or even a half grumpy face because he is so sick of posing for that perfect shot that they never seem to get. His smile in all of your pictures is genuine, as he had a blast. Your work with the camera and with children is phenomenal! Can’t wait to do it again some day. Thanks again for all your beautiful work, I’ll treasure them forever! Theresa

kim - November 27, 2010 - 8:12 pm

Wow…thank you so much for your compliments, Papa! I really appreciate the nice feedback! It’s neat to be able to try out different locations for the reasons you mentioned. I think there were endless shooting possibilities at the park Theresa and I went to, so that was neat to find. I’d definitely be able to take other people there and still be able to offer them some unique images. Thanks for taking the time to look at these and leave such a generous comment. Love you!

Dennis - November 19, 2010 - 11:47 am

Another awesome set of shots, Kimi! All these shots you chose for the blog are precious but that top one is just brilliant-fantastic pose from both kids, perfect light, beautifully blurred background, and the bare feet on Dylan-priceless! Theresa’s kids are so cute and you bring out every ounce of that in these shots!

To be willing to travel to a different location for almost every shoot (even where you’ve never been before) and quickly evaluate the location for the most interesting spots to take the shots (where light will cooperate) is an amazing talent.

This means that each client can choose their own favorite location and potentially have “one of a kind” shots of their loved ones (as opposed to studio shots where the same backgrounds get used repeatedly). I’m not saying that studio shots can’t be great but by varying the outdoor shooting locations you add a whole new feel and level of interest to the shots. It’s not every portrait photographer who can do this and make it work. Fabulous job, as always, Kimi!

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