Blake and Sam ~ The Proposal {April 20, 2013}

This past Saturday, I had the privilege of photographing the proposal of an adorable couple, Blake and Sam. I was a little worried about the weather (but not too much)…and we had the highest hopes that there would still be enough light for pictures at 7 p.m. or later (which, thankfully, there was)…and we were even a little more concerned when we arrived at the “proposal spot”  only to find it was overrun by hoards of high school prom attendees (but were relieved when, only minutes later, the crowds blessedly dwindled away)! Seemed like no matter what little thing threatened to ruin this surprise proposal, it was destined to go off without a hitch…and it did!

Under the guise of being at the park to photograph…whatever I could find to shoot…which turned out to be a bunch of strange kids forming a cheerleading pyramid (and, looking back, probably made me look like a bit of a creeper…LOL), I waited to take a few photos of Sam as she approached the proposal spot.

As she walked further down the path, spotting signs that said, “Sam This Way” and “You’re My One From Now On”, and she began to realize that something amazing had been planned just for her, I then made it obvious that I wasn’t really a creeper and that I was actually there to photograph something truly special!

With the help of his sister and a friend, Blake had planned a very beautiful and sweet proposal complete with signs proclaiming his love, rose petals strewn about, lanterns lining the inside of the covered bridge, and an amazing photo book for Sam to look through. At the end of the book, was a page with an image of him with their pup Bella, holding a sign that said “Marry Me?”. Just as Sam was finishing looking through the book, Blake walked up behind her, looked at the book with her over her shoulder for a minute, then got down on one knee, and asked her to marry him. With tears of joy, she said YES!!

It was such an amazing moment to be present for and capture. I’d like to thank Blake (and even though she didn’t know who I was at the time, Sam too) for letting me be a small part of that wonderful day.  :-)


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Kimberly Orth - May 1, 2013 - 5:05 pm

Thanks, Papa! I appreciate that! I had a really fun time doing this shoot. I hope I can do more of these proposals in the future! They are really special!

Dennis Davenport - April 24, 2013 - 10:20 pm

Awesome coverage of this couple’s proposal! Great shots and vantage points for all the important moments. So glad everything turned out the way it was supposed to. Such a precious memory for these two to have! Incredible job, as always!

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