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It’s shameful really…I LOVE taking pictures and yet, somehow, my own kids are always the last ones to have their pictures taken! So, in an effort to break this awful habit, I took my sweet baby girl, Abby, out last week and had a mini session with her. Even though we’re five months late, these images will serve as her 7-year pics.:-)

We had to do a mini session on this day because later that afternoon Abby was having another “session” with her best friend, Alivia (image previews of this shoot, next post). Even though it was a fairly brief shoot (and I’m not completely done processing them all), I got a few images of my littlest one that I think I’m pretty happy with! So, enjoy the preview of Abby’s mini session, and thanks so much for visiting! :-)

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Dennis - February 6, 2011 - 12:13 pm

I feel bad that I overlooked commenting on Abby’s shots earlier. Not sure how that happened but you have certainly brought out the best in our youngest grandkid! Of course, now, most of those teeth are gone, but I understand they will grow back! :) Abby probably loves the camera more than any of the kids! Another superb job Kimi!

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